Missing those great games you remember from your youth? Do you remember those pixelated graphics and the hours you spent playing those games? Now you can enjoy them again on your Android phone.

Based on PSPCAP32 by Zx81 (http://zx81.zx81.free.fr) and using Pelya SDL Android Port and official NDK, the new CPCDroid allows full emulation of the CPC machines (464, 6128, etc...).

Version 1.5.1 features:

- Screenshot support

- Snapshot support (5 slots per loaded disk name)

- Disk A & B Support

- Autodetection of start file inside loaded DSK image (the program should start automatically after insertion of disk if not disabled in settings)

- Comments for games

- Cheats

- Keyboard remapping (saving, loading, etc..) to ease use of CPC Keyboard with SDL touchscreen virtual buttons

- Joystick remap (as in keyboard remapping)

- Settings support (for changing emulator parameters as rendering mode, skip fps in slow or older phones, etc...)

- Configuration menú can be used without losing CPC emulation state

- Text virtual keyboard can be used in the emulator (press "AB" virtual key on screen upper left side)

- Onscreen virtual keypad with 6 buttons (configurable in the main menu) for controlling CPC programs.


Installation guide:

- First, please check that your phone is configured to accept installation of non-market apks (Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources)

- Download apk from link below. The browser should start a background download


- Put the downloaded APK in the phone SDCard.

- Install the APK (either by clicking in the download or in the APK from any Android File Manager) and accept permissions (Modify SD card for loading roms and saving snapshots), Internet communitacion for downloading of emulator data and Phone calls (read phone state and identity) used by SDL.

- The emulator is installed and ready to use.



First time you start CPCDroid, SDL will uncompress (and download if necessary) CPC Data (ROMs, etc...). This will only be done the first time the emulator is started:

The main menu screen will be drawn and here you can navigate using the on-screen controls (arrows and buttons from 1 to 6 and "AB" for text input):


The emulator can run most of the prexistent CPC Software. If must be in DSK format and should be loaded using the "Load disk A" in the main menu.

If you have any roms, snapshots (PSPCAP32 and CAPRICE32 are compatible with CPCDroid), put them in the /sdcard/app-data/com.fms.cpcdroid subfolders as appropiate (DSK images in disk subfolder, snapshots in snap subfolder, etc...)

The emulator has a HELP option included in the main menu.

At any moment, press "MENU" button on the phone to go back. If in main menu, the "MENU" button will go to CPC emulator and if pressed in CPC emulator, the "MENU" button will show the main menu again.




Install package:

- Primary download site:

CPCDroid.apk (v1.5.1)



- Automatic direct download site (in case the file is not available at the moment in megaupload or download directly to your phone):

CPCDroid.apk (v1.5.1)




Source code:

CPCDroid.tgz (v1.5.1)


Please, feel free to leave your questions, suggestions or opinions in the contact me option.


Enjoy again those CPC programs!