Long time, no see, blog failure...

For some time, the FMSDevel BLOG has been rendering the pages really wrong. As I frequently check for new issues/improvements of the CPC emulator for Android, I saw this problem some time ago.

Finally, I had the time to check for the cause and it's this

After wondering how is possible that, suddenly, a method is not found in the StringUtil class, I looked at Google APPEngine issues and found out that many others had the same problem. It seems like Google has decided to remove the isEmpty method from the Java library that the applications use to run on their servers.

This made all static files (CSS, JPG, etc..) failing being sent to the client, and so, HTML rendering was not working.

The problem was that Vosao (the open source CMS used for this BLOG) used that method internally (had been working previously without a problem) and checked for an update.

Vosao 0.9 solves this problem and you can have again FMSDevel online!

If you're interested in starting your own website/BLOG/etc... I encourage you to check Vosao (and Google AppEngine) and deploy an application to publish your contents with this great CMS and Google's free application hosting.