CPCDroid - Input control configuration

Since CPCDroid went public, I've received some questions about how to correctly configure the virtual button mapping to CPC emulated keys. In this entry, I will explain how this is done my favorite CPC game, Batman.

Of course, first, launch CPCDroid, the main screen will appear:

Main menu










Load the game DSK:

 Available disk files










CPC Loading










After the game has been loaded by the Amstrad CPC:

Main batman screen










Press the menu key to go to CPCDroid menu:

in-emulation menu










Once selected "Keyboard", press "1". The keyboard configuration screen will appear:

Keyboard mapping










Change the "square" control (is the virtual 2 key) to "return". Don't get confused about enter and return, those are different keys in the Amstrad CPC:

Keyboard mapping changed










Exit back to the game (using the Android menu key).

Batman main menu










Now, the "2" virtual key, allows to start the game.

Batman starting










The same for other games, only need to know what CPC key you want to map to a virtual key.

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